1/01/13 – the beginning

I’m back just in a different place!

I loved (and at times hated) my 366 project so much that I am back with a new one! 2012 was my first and I made TONS of mistakes, but I have learned from all of those mistakes and I am ready to start making all new ones! Unfortunately, this blog is still very plain – I haven’t tweaked it quite to my liking yet, but that will come in the days ahead!

I am still committed to documenting delight, and through that I want to put more of a focus on our homeschooling experiences, because that is a huge part of our lives. I also want to use more of the photographic techniques I have been learning recently. Those are the goals, let’s see how well this goes. 🙂

The honor of the first post of the year goes to The Sphinx.

Today we started our unit on Egypt. One of the things we learned about was The Sphinx and so they made replicas out of legos.



7 thoughts on “1/01/13 – the beginning

  1. Fabulous! I can’t wait to follow along. We will be homeschooling too so I just love to read about how others do it 🙂

  2. Very fun. We are a homeschool family as well and I am excited to follow your journey in 2013. Rhonda Ressel, fellow DDer. (You are ahead of me, my blog is not quite done.)

    1. Hi! We do “lessons” everyday, but we lean more toward unschooling. We investigate a new country every month and a lot of the activities are based on what the girls are curious about.

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