Field trip day!

We usually save Thursdays for an out-of-the-house experience, along with that we try to do one bigger field trip per month, and that was today. At the request of my little ones, we explored an exhibit on ancient Egypt at a local museum. They were fascinated and at times grossed out (the mummified hand caused nervous giggles). I was surprised how much even the little ones remembered from our previous investigations about Egypt. Unfortunately, the exhibit was so dimly lit my photos were not good. The lighting at the next museum was better and I took a few pics as we got to see many different kinds of animals (stuffed). They loved the adventure, and we got back on our mountain very tired.

My 3-year-old knew that the first exhibit was a large polar bear (again, stuffed) and so she was a little hesitant to enter the exhibit hall.


This is my baby showing me one of the animals that was her favorite (she liked the horns).


My girlies pointing out the deer and telling me all about it.


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