We have a bear with a backpack (incidentally his name is Backpack Bear), and there is always something in his backpack for the girls to find and discuss during circle time. Today Backpack Bear’s pack was full of magnifying glasses. The girlies were so excited! They explored the whole yard, every rock, leaf and bug. They asked loads of great questions and enjoyed themselves (those are exactly the things they should be doing).

Today’s book (not my favorite but the girlies like it):


Misses 4 and 5 are reading (they finished it today):

3 thoughts on “04/25/13

  1. What a coincidence! We were reading Beatrix Potter today too. The tale of Timmy Tiptoes because we’re learning about Autumn.

  2. I really like your focus on what they read and create. I can recall so many childhood books and love that they will have this to help them. So many lovely posts today.

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