06/16/13 – 06/22/13

ImageMiss 5 drew this of the two puppies (one girl, one boy) that she wants us to  get for her. Is it just me or do they look evil? Are they foaming at the mouth?


ImageMaking treat lists for 5th birthday that is 9 months away.

ImageVarious fairies drawn by various girlies in various forms.

ImageApparently, these are the 4 main characters from Strawberry Shortcake. Miss 2 can really see them all.

ImageTaken on my phone so not the best, but they begged to have their pictures taken after seeing the movie.

ImageThe littlest girlies got to attend the theatre and see Miss 12 in her latest performance. She did a fabulous job and fun was had by all.

What we are reading:


Miss 4 and 5 are reading:

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