Vacation! 06/23/13 – 06/29/13

This was vacation week for us and ironically that is the time when I am least likely to take pictures. With so many little ones for us to watch over, I rarely have the time or inclination to take out my camera while out and about. Though the pictures do not show it, we relaxed, went fun places, ate yummy food (it’s hard to eat gluten free on vacation, but we did it), saw a great movie (I highly recommend Much Ado About Nothing) and spent TONS of time at the pool. What more could we ask for?





Tons of art this week lots of drawing to pass the time waiting to leave, waiting to arrive, waiting to go again. First pic: Miss 4 and Daddy on one of their daddy/daughter dates feeding ducks. Second pic: a bunch of vehicle stickers arranged by Miss 5. Third pic: A bouquet of flowers from Miss 4. Fourth Pic: a drawing of all the snacks Miss 4 wants to eat while on our long drive.


In every city we find the local children’s science museum and spend the day. There has been one on each trip and it is always a fun experience. I find they always spark the girlies imaginations and they bring back many new ideas for things we should be learning at home. The science museum on this trip was huge and fun (we were there so long), and it included a surprising amount of water (we were all soaked when we left). The girlies all made flying contraptions to use for experiments with the various wind machines.


We had to visit M&M world (how can you not?) and the girlies all wanted a souvenir. It was soooooo hot, but we ventured away from the pool and had lots of fun exploring all the M&M memorabilia (and of course we ate M&M’s, most varieties are gluten free).


Finally home again! We loved our adventure and we are so grateful to Holly for hosting us at the last minute! This is a picture Miss 4 drew of herself (notice her sisters are absent) and Holly.

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