06/30/13 – 07/06/13


The girlies found a book on Reading Rainbow all about Valentine’s Day. There was a lot about the history and myths that surround the holiday and at the end was a guide for making valentines. This art project was the result. They love having different art supplies where they can get them without having to ask for them and because of that they are so freely creative.


At the library for the summer reading program! Out of all my girlies, Miss 5 is the one who loves to have her picture taken the most.


Quiet day at the village eating candy! So, we rarely eat candy, but this day Miss 12 got her braces off after two years, woo hoo! Ironically, as a congratulation gift, the orthodontist (who we love, so we shouldn’t make fun but we still will) gave her a gift certificate to our local Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Holy cow, talk about bad for teeth! Obviously, we had no choice but to go there immediately. Each girlie got a treat and we sat on the grass and enjoyed the beautiful afternoon with our sweets.


We have been talking a lot about Independence Day this week and that led to a discussion of the military. Miss 5 found a Reading Rainbow video about the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier (pictured above) and now is fascinated with the idea. The death of soldiers is a hard concept for a five-year-old but she is so thoughtful and inquisitive that we had a great discussion.


The annual Fourth of July pancake breakfast! My girls love it, but the challenge this year is that the girlies are gluten-free now. I was thinking of skipping it all together but there were objections all around. In the end, we ate gluten-free pancakes at home and had eggs at the breakfast and watched the auction. We had a fun day and only Miss 4 and Miss 12 were still awake to see the fireworks over the lake.


Three girlies helped me build a shoe bench and here they are showing it off.


There are so many ways I would love to be like Miss 12 when I grow up, and this is one of them. She journals so faithfully, I would love to be as dedicated to it as she is.

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