07/07/13 – 07/13/13



Taken by phone again, but they were the cutest piggies ever I couldn’t not. The balloon lady was at the summer reading program event. This is one of the girlies’ favorite shows and they were thrilled to be called up to participate. They were two of the best pigs ever!


The girlies found my stash of embroidery thread and went wild! They made necklaces, bracelets and even decorated the walls with it. This was my prize.


Since her birthday is only a paltry 5 months away, Miss 5 has started her list of things she would like to get and do.


So happy to have a big girl room that she gets to share with her favorite sister!

ImageMiss 2 made dinner for us tonight – milk, fruit and random meat were on the menu. She is my little mama, always cooking and cleaning and taking care of everyone.

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