07/14/13 – 07/20/13


Ahhhhh, who looooves me? 🙂


Summer reading program again, and the girlies were entranced by the animals. In the end they got to pet the python (Miss 2 would only pet it if her sister did too).


This month we are studying China with the help of Little Passports. The girlies love the little souvenir and the info that comes each month and it is a great way to kick off our studies for the month.


On Saturdays (TV day) the girlies love to watch the PBS show Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. Miss 5 decided to change her teddy bear into Daniel Tiger by taping black stripes to his head. Very creative way to solve the problem of me not buying her one.


This week ends our summer swimming lessons! The girlies had tons of fun and I am shocked at how much they have learned. Before these lessons there were scared to move away from the pool steps and now they get things off the bottom of the pool and Miss 5 can swim by herself (Miss 4 is well on her way too).


The snowflake making in our house has turned into vaguely Aztec looking masks. At least they are enjoying themselves.


TV day! It was a Mulan theme today as the girlies watched the first and second Mulan movies and then set about recreating their favorite characters. Miss 5 drew Mushu the dragon and the cricket. Clearly she loves them!

Some of the books we are reading:

Miss 4 and 5 are reading:

2 thoughts on “07/14/13 – 07/20/13

  1. Congrats on getting caught-up!! I’m so impressed, that is A LOT of work!

    How creative to turn the snowflakes into masks. Works perfectly! And how brave to touch that python. I’m not so sure I would have been able to do that, lol.

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