09/08/13 – 09/14/13



Miss 2 came into my room with a zombie head (stuffed toy, please don’t judge me too harshly), in front of her face saying “braaaaains”. My husband’s first reaction “Quick, get a picture.” Obviously we are the best parents ever. 



We studied Russia’s flag today. The girlies love learning where the countries that we study are and how to say hello in the native language, but their favorite thing is coloring the flags. This is Miss 4’s Russian flag. (coloring page from Activity Village)



This month, story time at the library is about farms and farm animals. The girlies were so proud of their little chicks. The feathers they were offered never made it onto the chicks they were coloring. 



I came home this evening to find this scene in my living room. The little girlies ready for bed watching Daddy play videogames. They were yelling at the screen and telling him what he should do next (as if he didn’t already know). Miss 4 was so excited about what was happening in the game should couldn’t sit down on the couch.



This isn’t a plain old box this is a boat that needs to be decorated before they can sail it around the world! Every afternoon, my girlies have free time where they can do what ever they want and when my girls have free time they are soooo creative! They are never bored, I wish I had their abundance of fun ideas and energy!




I didn’t take this picture, but it was taken with my camera does that count? Miss 2 took this of herself while sitting on my lap. 



We were drawing in our circle time journals and Miss 4 wanted to commemorate her favorite part of Gymnastics class (hint: it’s the balance beam).




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