We had a very busy month, but I suppose every month is going to be chaotic with two babies. With school and Halloween activities the month just seemed to fly by! My goal is to get into the groove of taking pictures again so that when I start my new 365 project  in January it will already be a habit.




Cutest babies!




She was laughing at one of the kids in our class and I was shocked to catch it in a pic.



One of our Halloween activities was to make a mummy. Miss 3 volunteered to be the mummy and then when her sisters were done she chased them around the house. We had to clean up a lot of toilet paper, but they had fun!



This was Miss 6’s mummy bear.




On stage at Theater class!




Science Friday! Miss 3 is making the teacher laugh.



The colorful food web that the kids made during Science.


It’s Halloween!!!!


We have Rapunzel. . .




Kiki from Kiki’s Delivery Service




shy Elsa . . .





and last but not least, Belle.


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