Birthday Babies!

This was an emotional day for me, far more than any of the girlies’ first birthdays. The struggle that was the pregnancy of these two little people and the stress that comes long with the first year of twins made yesterday such a celebratory day! They had no idea that it was their birthday, but each member of our family was acutely aware of what a lot of work the past year has been and how much we appreciated these happy, healthy little ones.

Our sweet little man, the “older” of the twins, is the happiest person I know. He smiles easily and often and loves to elicit smiles from every person we meet. He loves to sword fight (how do you learn that so early) and he loves being outside (lots of dirt eating) and playing with his sisters. He was ten months old when he started walking and has not stopped since. His bright personality is incredible and he really does make our home a better place.

Our little girlie is the most curious person I have ever met (actually she reminds me a lot of Miss J when she was little). She wants to be the boss whereever she goes. She is not as free with her smiles and attention as her brother (that is usually because she is investigating and can’t be bothered) but when she bestows them on you she lights up the room! She walked at nine months and then spent time pulling her brother trying to get him to walk too. She is amazing and busy and we are so blessed to know her.







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