Moments of April and May…



 So, you know those crayola paint dabbers? They come apart pretty easily!


I got some creme soda as a birthday treat, and he loved playing with the bottle so much that he fell asleep with it in his hand.

Such a funny Picture!


It is almost impossible to get a picture of this girlie!

A) she never sits still and

B) every time I bring out the camera she is more interested in grabbing it than allowing me to take her picture.


This picture is so him!

He laughs so easily and with such gusto I couldn’t help but want a picture.



This is Baby A practicing her driving skills while waiting for her big sister to get done with testing.

IMG_6668.CR2 IMG_6669.CR2 IMG_6679.CR2

These young ladies are the greatest daughters ever!

I can’t believe how fast they are growing up!

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