5 important things to remember about eating clean

The choice to support your body, mind, and emotions by eating clean, whole foods can be overwhelming in the beginning. While there is a lot of information out there to sift through here are some tips that can make this new journey easier.

  1. Simplify your transition by using the EWG’s Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen.

These lists will help you start with the foods that are the most contaminated or the least contaminated by pesticides.

  1. Focus on changing your shopping habits, rather than cleaning out what is lurking in your pantry.

Taking the time to remove food toxins from your home is important, but if it seems like too big of a project just start by not bringing any more in.

  1. Find one or two clean eating websites that speak to you.

Having someone who has been on the same journey, and for similar reasons, can be beneficial when it comes to overcoming blocks in the road.

  1. If something doesn’t work for you or you are drawn back into old habits, don’t kick yourself, just pick yourself up and keep going.

Condemning ourselves for making mistakes has never made the process of change easier. Be kind to yourself during the transition.

  1. Clean eating doesn’t have to be all or nothing.

If you see value in eating clean but are intimidated then start small. Try a veggie you have never tried before, learn to make one favorite recipe using only whole foods, take some time to research some beneficial whole grains. Any changes you make in this direction will benefit you and your family.

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