Miss (newly) 8

Having only known my husband as an adult, I cannot possibly say for certain what he was like as a child. Yet, when I look at my (newly) eight-year-old girlie I feel like I have a good idea. She is so focused, (mostly on video games). She speaks so passionately and earnestly (mostly about video games). She spends so much time in deep thought (mostly about, you guessed it, video games). My husband is somewhat of a grown up and understands that life isn’t always about video games (though it mostly is) but he still does all of those things and I can only assume that his propensity toward them was increased as a small child. Having said that I wouldn’t trade her for anything. A day doesn’t go by without her teaching me something I didn’t know or that I didn’t know I didn’t know.  She is amazing and thoughtful, and she makes me, not just a better mom, but a better person. Happy Birthday Miss M!

Here is her birthday interview:

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I want to decorate cakes to look like Final Fantasy

What will that be like?


What are your favorite toys?


What makes you happy?

Playing video games and talking about them with my sister and building Legos

What makes you sad?

When Someone ruins my Legos

What do you dream about?

My sister playing Final Fantasy

What is your favorite thing to go do?

Legoland is fun

What are your favorite activities?

Scootering, playing games with my sisters

What is your favorite color?


What does Dad do all day?

Work on his game

What does Mom do all day?

Potty train babies

What do you do all day?


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