This is just a little interlude to explain the term wordschooling. Since most people haven’t ever heard this phrase it can cause confusion. It can mean many things, but the nub of the matter is that one who worldschools travels with their families so their children can experience different people and cultures. That can look different for everyone. I know people who have a homebase and take trips several times a year. Some have no homebase and just travel from country to country (or even state to state) staying varying amounts of time in each area. Many worldschoolers are homeschoolers, but not all. When they travel, some people put their kids into school wherever they are at that time.  It really is a term that includes many different lifestyles. I am not sure how wordschooling will end up looking for us, but in starting the process I have already learned a lot and I am sure we have many more lessons ahead of us. My ideal at the moment is to take my children to see many different places. To not just visit, but to take the time to live and experience the places, rather than just rushing through. That is all I have right now and I am open to whatever the future brings, I can’t wait to see what happens!

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