Bryce Canyon

We arrived at Bryce Canyon with no real knowledge of it or even being able to remember having seen any pictures of it. It was on our route and it was free (Every Kid in a Park) so in we went. You can’t really walk to any of the hikes, it is more of a drive to the beginning of a trail thing and then you start your hike, which is what we did. The canyon was beautiful and we hiked along the rim for a couple of miles. There was so much snow (March), yet it was so warm that our hike got muddy and mushy fast. Unlike the Grand Canyon, there are no railings for most of the hike. It really is your responsibility to keep your over-excited, X Games-bound toddler from jumping in. I managed it though – he remained safe against his will, and my girlies (all 5 of them, even the 2 year old) had the sense to stay away from the edge. It really pays to have a sense of self-preservation.

It was so breathtaking and peaceful there. The fact that these beautiful formations occur naturally and that we are able to (for now at least) preserve and take care of them is amazing. The idea that there is a part of our government that is dedicated (for now at least) to protecting this kind of natural wonder is exactly what government should be for.

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