Horseshoe Bend

For the last few years, I have spent a lot of time sitting in our local orthodontic office. On one of these many visits, I picked up a book (it was titled “Natural formations around the world” or Natural wonders everyone should see” or something like that), and as I was flipping through, I saw a beautiful picture of a place called Horseshoe Bend. I was so taken with it, I went home and googled its exact location. To my surprise it was right on the path that I had planned to take on our upcoming trip. Yay! I penciled it into our itinerary hoping we could stop (all events are flexible with two toddlers in the car).

We left the Grand Canyon and as we made our way toward Page to spend the night, we went by Horseshoe Bend. We arrived near sunset and so did everyone else! That seemed to be a very popular time to visit, especially for photographers. So many people were lugging heavy photographic equipment along the path and I felt for them, at least my littles have legs, no carrying here (I am not a sucker like their dad). The info I had read didn’t mention that you have to walk to it, but you do and it’s not a small walk, it is about 1.25 miles roundtrip (I can’t believe my toddlers walked it without complaint, small miracles). There is no visitor center, no bathrooms, nothing that would indicate that it is protected in anyway (which I hope it is), just a long dirt path that leads to it. We finally got there, the aforementioned toddlers in tow, right as the sun started to set. It was stunning – the orange light hitting the green water and bouncing off the rock walls as you looked down into the canyon from the rim (no railings, the Grand Canyon really spoiled us in that department). It was a little dizzying and I am surprised how close to the edge I got, but it was totally worth it! It was my favorite place on the entire trip and I wish I could have stayed longer, but the call of six tired children who are demanding dinner cannot be ignored (well, they can but they only get louder).

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