Hong Kong Science Museum, et al.

In Hong Kong we mostly explored the area nearest to our hotel (given that we were slammed with jet lag!), but we were daring enough to venture farther out once in a while. We just aren’t theme park people (well, Robert and I aren’t), and there was no way I was going to try (and fail) to be brave going up The Peak, so we kept things low key.

The Hong Kong Science museum was full of fun activities. It has a fascinating exhibit from the London Museum, that revolved around six mummies and the artifacts and things that were found with them. These mummies had never been unwrapped, everything that was known about them was from the artifacts and writings found with them and MRI’s of the mummies themselves. It was so interesting and among the 4 of us that ended up going there was only one dissenter (Miss M, I am looking in your direction). The rest of the museum was very hands on for kids. We spent a lot more time at the Occupational Safety and Health exhibit than I expected, but as long as the girls enjoy themselves, right?

There was a recycling/conservation exhibit that starred our old friend Mitsy the bunny (Miss J loved her when she was little), and a driving simulator that was a huge hit with the girlies. Miss W and Miss G chose to drive trains and they took things really slow and steady, but true to form, Miss M choose a delivery truck and was completely insane. I am sure she ran over many, many digital pedestrians.

There was an exhibit about the wildlife and habitats of the area (Miss W always go for that) and there was a huge exhibit on the human body, including sections on all of the body systems, which the girlies found equals parts fascinating and gross.

We spent hours there and we probably could have spent longer, but we were starving and so tired (it’s weird to be ready to go to bed at 4:00pm).

Also, as an 8 person family we ventured to the Megabox (oh, the looks we got!). It is a giant mall with many floors, very large stores (including an Ikea and a grocery store), eateries, a movie theater, and there is an ice skating rink on one of the top floors. We could get eggs and bacon for breakfast to ease the girlies jet lag/homesickness and also get yummy Asian meals and pretty much anything else.

We mostly stuck to places we could get to on foot and we enjoyed the local park (Fish Tail Rock) and shops (eateries, bakeries, etc.). We even walked the 25 minutes, each way, in the 90 degree heat, to church. As you can imagine, the kids were super pleased about that (see photo below).

The culture shock was heavy for the kids, – Hong Kong is very different than Lake Arrowhead – but they were admirably flexible and continue to be.

(This pic encapsulates how they felt about walking to church. We couldn’t even get the twins in the picture. They all look super hot and annoyed, but I have got to give props to Miss M for her impression of the girl from The Ring.)



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