Chihkan Tower Tainan, Taiwan

As we travel, we want a little normalcy in our lives. We need days at home, doing school (or what that means to us), chores, and just relaxing. The problem with that, for me, is that if I don’t make a point of getting out I never will. It won’t matter what country we are in, all I will see is my home. To combat that we have decided that Thursdays will be field trip day. The heat and humidity are raging in Taiwan in August so somewhere close to our air-conditioned apartment was key, and right down the street was Chihkan Tower.

Chihkan Tower is part of an old fort built by the Dutch when they occupied this area long before it was Taiwan. There are still original parts from the 1600’s as well as those built on over the years. It is now this great mishmash of Dutch and Taiwanese influence.

The buildings were beautiful and there were old relics and documents inside that were interesting. We took the stairs to the top and there was a breeze that was so refreshing, I never wanted to leave. However when you have a 3 year-old who has to constantly be on the move, staying in one place is a pipe dream, so down we went.

Mr. J’s favorite part was the statue for the horse that represented the ones put over soldier’s graves. We went back to that spot more than the girlies wanted to.

The girls were still getting used to the idea that their skin would melt off the minute they stepped outside, so the breeze at the top was their favorite part as well. Here, I need to mention that it was technically only 90 degrees outside and we had 90 degree days on our mountain. The difference is that the humidity was so high that it felt like it was much hotter and they kept complaining that their skin constantly felt wet and gross, and that the air was so heavy they couldn’t breathe. They’ll get used to it, right?

The grounds at the tower were so peaceful. We didn’t explore them as much as we could have, but what we saw (including the bridge and the koi pond) was beautiful.

Nice little first field trip in Taiwan. Everyone had some fun and no one melted.


(I just wanted to add that I don’t get to be in any photos, ever. No one else is willing to take the pictures.)



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