Botanical gardens – Kaohsiung, Taiwan

This was our trip to Kaohsiung:

We had to run for the train, because we arrived at the station just as the train was preparing to leave. Running downstairs carrying strollers is something no one should ever have to do.

Robert and I stood for the 50 minute train ride.

We were late to the eatery and we missed breakfast, so the kids didn’t get the food they were expecting.

The girlies did not like walking through the store where we were trying to price things we would need for an apartment (how do you stand up so long?).

The cab drivers (we always need 2 cabs, for obvious reasons), had no idea where the Indigenous Botanical Gardens were, but were happy to drive around Kaohsiung for an inordinate amount of time until they found it.

We had to run for the train AGAIN on the way back for the same reasons. (Aaah, strollers and stairs!)

This was also our trip to Kaohsiung:

We didn’t have to waste anytime waiting for the train. Bored toddlers at an airport or train station are insane!

As the train ride progressed and people got off, the girlies were able to find seats.

The girlies got to choose things they had never ordered there before and the meal was successful.

We got a lot of good info on how to spend our house furnishings budget and the girlies got to have some input.

We got to see so much more of the city than we would have and we got to sit while doing it.

We were super tired from our day and we didn’t have to wait for the train, that means home sooner!

Kaohsiung is a lovely city (we know, we saw a lot of it!). We really had a wonderful time walking through the beautiful gardens. Miss J is very interested in plants and wanted to learn about the ones there, so the location was her idea. There was a lake, beautiful bridges and paths, and a playground that the girlies loved. The signs about the plants were mostly in Chinese, but there were just enough in English to keep us interested. If I had more time to spend in Kaohsiung that would be where I would spend it.



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