Chimei Museum Tainan, Taiwan

This week, it was time for the art museum. The art museum here in Tainan is called the Chimei museum. I have artists in my brood and art museums are valuable. Also, I wanted to go, I love when I art moves me, so I am always up for a museum. When you have a family this big there are always dissenters for any activity and this was no different (Miss M, I am looking in your direction, again) but they have to suck it up sometimes.

The place is huge and there is a lot to see. Just walking up to the museum takes a while as you walk past an amazing fountain – the fountain has a sculpture in it, which is a chariot with horses in the water along with mermen and aggressive looking fish – and a row of statues of Greek/Roman gods and goddesses.

Walking through the museum was amazing, so many beautiful things to see, and my twins stayed calmly in their strollers and did not through temper tantrums (until lunch). All I can ask for is time to browse the art without wishing I had never left home, and they kindly granted me that.

Miss W said that there were too many penises for her and she felt that her art would all include people that had clothes. Her favorite part of the museum was the top floor gallery of fine art and more specifically the painting called The Message.

Miss M felt that we took way to long and once you’ve seen one room full of paintings or sculptures, you don’t need to see anymore. This was not a field trip she would have chosen. When pressed though she said she loved the walk leading up to the entrance, with the fountain and the statues.

Miss G didn’t have a problem with the nudity, but was really impressed by how many of the pieces of art involved mothers and babies (a favorite subject of hers). Especially a sculpture in the first floor sculpture hall of a mom holding a baby, I can’t remember the name of the statue, but it was her favorite.

Miss J loved the sculpture hall. Her favorite sculptures were in the 1st floor sculpture hall were The love of Angels, and The Golden Belt. Her favorite painting was Tired Museum Feet.

Robert isn’t really a person who would go to an art museum on his own and he kindly  braved this for us so we wouldn’t have to be without his prodigious Mandarin skills. His favorite part was the beautiful fountain outside, just like Miss 8, which does not surprise me because they are a lot alike, he just whines less about this kind of thing, for which I am forever grateful.

I can’t really offer a favorite part, because there was so much to see. I can say that it was well worth our time and if we could go back there are beautiful grounds that I would love to explore.


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