September 1, 2017

My girlies (and I) love Harry Potter so even in Asia we couldn’t let this day go by without any acknowledgement. If you are a fan, you understand the significance of the day, if not, all that really matters that we had a fun Harry Potter themed party.

The Sorting: To begin our day, we went to and they each had a wand choose them and were sorted into houses. Sorting results below:

Me: Ravenclaw
Miss J: Hufflepuff
Miss W: Hufflepuff
Miss M: Gryffindor
Miss G: Slytherin (hahaha, this one didn’t shock me at all, but it would shock most people who know her!)
So we got at least one of each.

Charms Class: We learned about the Patronus charm and everyone got to see which patronus was theirs.

Me: Sparrowhawk
Miss J: Dolphin
Miss W: Black mare
Miss M: Black swan
Miss G: Dolphin

Potions Class:  They were tested by having to identify different unlabeled potions (and then they got to eat the candy inside).

History of Magic: A Harry Potter trivia contest (every part of the 7 books is history now). They got to work together to decide which answers were right.

Quidditch Practice: They had to find all of the hidden snitches. Since they were Ferrero Rocher candies they got to eat them too.

I was worried that being in a different country we might not have the time or ability to create a truly special day, but it was a success and much fun was had.

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