Japan Lessons

We had so much fun in Tokyo and we learned a lot.

Here are some random bullet points:

ALWAYS double and triple check the flight times so as not to mix up AM and PM

ALWAYS use the directions provided by your AirBnB host and do not think you are more capable than them at getting to their house.

Be VERY specific on your meeting place when you are splitting up in two taxis.

The Family Mart onigiri (rice balls) are far superior to the ones sold at 7 Eleven. (My teen has a whole diatribe on this that I will spare you from).

Disneyland is actually so fun without the huge crowds and heat.

November in Japan is colder than you think.

If you get separated from your group go to the last place you were together and wait for them to find you. (This happened three times in our short stay and two of those times it was not a child who was lost.)

It is illegal to smoke on the street in Tokyo.

You are not likely to be injured or killed crossing the street. (Sorry Taiwan, Japan has safer intersections.)

And, much like the Hong Kong airport, Narita airport customs and immigration are so fast and painless.


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