Tokyo Disneyland

Oh Tokyo Disneyland, how we miss you.

I highly recommend going to Tokyo Disney in November. There was a little bit of a fall chill, and it was not crowded so wait times were way down. I didn’t really think the twins would care about being there, but they loved it. Some of the rides were too scary for them, but there were so many they enjoyed. The teacup ride was a clear favorite.

We thought it would be very expensive, but everything (tickets, food, souvenirs) was way cheaper than Disneyland in California. There were multiple scheduled Christmas parades, one which completely separated our group as they roped off the parade route.  The stars of the parade (and everything, really) were Elsa and Anna and so Miss G was over the moon happy to sit and watch, she didn’t care at all if we ever found the rest of our family.

We were there the whole day and the place was huge so I was happy we brought the strollers for the twins. The stroller parking was great, so great. To say that the stroller monitors were my favorite part of the park would be an overstatement, but not by much. It was so nice that they had employees monitoring the stroller areas to deter theft and to keep them organized so your stroller is easy to retrieve (I don’t remember this at amusement parks in the US, but maybe I wasn’t paying attention).

The stroller monitors brings me to the next big thing which is that ALL of the employees were enormously kind and abundantly helpful. Everyone from the ride operators, to the people who were constantly sweeping the streets, were so sweet. We went for Miss G’s birthday and so she got an “It’s My Birthday” sticker. All of the aforementioned employees and more stopped to wish her a happy birthday and she was sooooo pleased. Employees often asked if we were enjoying our visit and if we needed anything.

The Christmas decorations were breathtaking. I have never been to Disneyland In California at Christmas, so I was not expecting it to be so amazing. They really go all out.

We had such a great time we are now open to going back or even going to other Disney parks which we weren’t even considering before. In the off season, of course.


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