Rainbow Village

We all had fun visiting Rainbow village, but none more than Mr. J.

Rainbow village 4

Rainbow Village in Taichung is all that remains of about 1200 homes that were painted by Huang Yung-Fu over many years. There is a gift shop where you can meet the artist. Most of us don’t speak Chinese, but we took a photo with him and everyone bought a souvenir. The art is fun and bright and the kids loved it!

rainbow village artist

We all walked through the buildings taking pictures and talking about the art. When they were finished, the girlies played at a near by playground because I couldn’t tear Mr. J away. He spent so much time soaking in each picture. He didn’t want to miss anything. Then he would tell me stories about each wall and the characters it held. He had so much to see and say that I couldn’t bear to tear him away. Eventually, we reached the end and that combined with the rain ended our trip. His evening was spent drawing pictures and discussing what he saw. I am so touched this placed inspired my baby boy so much (I just want to add that while most of the girlies loved it, Miss A was unimpressed and sulky, that is why she choose not to be in the pictures).

rainbow village 3


rainbow village 2

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