The best way for me to accurately describe Singapore is that it is as if the country of England opened an Asian branch. They were lots of extra vowels (storey, colour, honour), they drive on the left, everyone we encountered spoke English and they have Marks and Spencer. Oh and the rain. It was warm there (30 degrees C) but randomly throughout the day it would just start raining, no one seemed to care or notice. None of the locals ran for cover (or even got out of the pool), they just opened their umbrellas and continued on. Then after a few minutes it would stop. Until it started again.

We wanted to be less touristy and more vacationy this trip so we got a nice hotel with a pool and made very few plans. This worked out amazingly. The kids swam every day. We met fun people, many of whom were Australian (it seems that Singapore is a popular vacation spot for those from Australia). We visited a few spots and got to meet some local artisans. All in all, vacationy mission accomplished.

I, of course, took no photos of these vacationy days because that is not what you do when chasing 2 three year olds, but the girlies got some great ones which is a whole other post.

girlies singapore

(Photo Credit: R)

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