Gardens by the Bay – In Their Own Words

The one place we didn’t want to miss in Singapore was Gardens by the Bay.  It is a garden/nature park that covers 250 acres. There is so much to see that in our visit we narrowed it down to the Flower Dome (thousands of colorful flowers and many sculptures) and the Cloud Forest (which is an indoor mountain with waterfalls and a cloud walk around the top of the mountain).

That morning, Mr J had tummy ache so rather than cancel plans I stayed at the hotel with him and the girlies went with R. Since I wasn’t there the girlies took lots of pictures and they are guest posting today to talk about Singapore and Gardens by the Bay. The majority of photos were taken by Miss W, if she is in the photo then it was taken by R.



Miss G:

On our trip to Singapore I really liked the flower garden because it had so many cool flowers. It had beautiful golden and purple and blue flowers. It brightened my day, I loved it because people carved stuff out of wood on top of tree trunks, that was really cool. The dragon one was two dragons fighting, I liked the eagle on a lot because it was on top of a giant archway and people would walk up to it and take pictures.

The Cloud Dome was beautiful, I think it was one of their main attractions. It was very, very pretty. There was this cavern that we didn’t see on the cloud walk, because it was secret and no one could see it. It was beautiful it had fake animals and bugs, probably made out of wood. I wish you were there to see it because I had a lot of fun! I looked at this very pretty flower that was purple it was in a crate and I loved them. Then we kept seeing these plants with purple, green, blue, orange, any color, hanging on ivy, it was very pretty. I hope you get to see it, but I hope I explained it to you well.

Miss M:

When we went to Singapore it was really hot, but in the afternoons it would just start raining, and then it stopped in a few minutes and then it would start again. We went to a garden place and we went to a flower dome. It was mostly cactus on one level and a bunch of animal sculptures, I don’t know why. They were holding a festival for a flower they had called a Dahlia.

Then after that we went to the cloud dome. And there was a big mountain with a bunch of water jets coming off of it. Then there was a small rise to get you up to see on top and then we went up and it was scary because there was a walk with very few support beams, so it felt really scary. The only place it felt safe to walk on the high walks was in the middle, but if you walked in the middle you couldn’t hold onto the railing.

Miss W:

We went on a trip to Singapore. There was a mall by us with all sorts of handmade items. Our hotel had a pool and we swam every day! We also went to Gardens by the Bay. Their 2 biggest attractions were the Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest. They both were filled with lots of statues of animals. There was a section of the Flower Dome that was filled with Alice in Wonderland statues. It was cold in the Domes, but it was warm and nice outside. We are wearing summer clothes because of the heat outside so we were all shivering inside.

The Cloud Dome had this big mountain where there were waterfalls and plants hanging down, and I thought I saw birds in there. You could go up into it and see lots of secret gardens inside the mountain. It was all super pretty and peaceful.

In Singapore it rained in the afternoon almost every day. I had fun and I highly recommend going there.



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