Children’s Grand Park, Seoul, South Korea

June 2018

In Seoul, we loved the Children’s Grand Park. We didn’t really know much about it except that it had come highly recommended by so many parents in my world schooling groups. It is so big!

Our first stop was the children’s museum. We go to children’s museums in almost every city we find ourselves in, but this was one of the funnest. The fun activities coupled with the fact that most children in Korea were still in school, made it the perfect visit. The kids got to do hands on building, and science activities as well as dress up. The dress station had curtains that you walkthrough and a runway to show off your outfit. The theme of the dress up station was around the world, so all the costumes were native dress from different countries. They had kimonos for Japan and Hanboks for Korea. The native clothing from the US was native American outfits which seemed accurate to us. T

here was a huge play area that was a giant cage filled with tunnels and slides, like a hamster habitat. They kids spent the most of their time there in it and finding and gathering them to move on was a huge challenge.

Every children’s science museum has a water area, usually near the exit for obvious reasons, this one was no exception. It had places you could gather balls, then put the balls through various water powered contraptions and finally a place if you just wanted to get wet.  Our kids played there so long, until I was starving and I was shoving them out the door for lunch, usually it’s the other way around and they are begging me for food.

At the Children’s Park there was also a zoo, and animals are Miss A’s favorite thing. To her delight we walked through the zoo and saw every single animal. She said hi to them all and named them, she also told us how they were feeling. There were hiking trails and a breathtaking statuary garden, and along with all of that there were tons of playgrounds. You can spend an entire day there, even more than one day, I would definitely go back when in Seoul again. 

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