Sailor Moon – Universal Studios, Osaka, Japan

April 2018

Even taking into our account how cheap TokyoDisney was, we were still shocked at how cheap tickets to Universal Studios in Osaka were compared to the park in California. It was the same with the food inside, much cheaper than the California park. The main reason we were there was because they had a new Sailor Moon 4D movie attraction. All of my girls deeply love Sailor Moon, Mr J enjoys watching it if it is on and he is in the same room, but my girls have a deep affection for the show. Right when we entered the park that was where we headed, at the birthday girl’s (Miss M) insistence. The first showing wouldn’t start for 20 minutes, but she wanted to be first in line, which we were. As the line filled in behind us we saw that most of the people were teenage girls and many were dressed up in costume for the occasion. The show was fun and the girlies loved it. I thought they would want Sailor Moon heart wands for their souvenir after the show, but it turns out they are more discerning than I expected and wanted to see what else the park offered. During the show the girls were cheering and participating – making hearts with their hands with the rest of the audience to help defeat the villain –  but Mr J, was not having fun. He didn’t like the dark, he didn’t like the scary villain and he definitely didn’t like that his chair shook or that he could feel things on the back of his legs from under the seat (Miss W’s favorite part), or that drops of water hit him. He was miserable and spent the time coming to terms with having to do things that four sisters want to do.

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