Carton King – Taichung, Taiwan

Summer 2018

Carton King was a very strange place. We went with friends, who told us that the exhibits were made from cardboard. We didn’t know what to think, but if we had tried to imagine it, we would have been way off.

There were tons of exhibits made from cardboard. There was a huge area that was cardboard landmarks of the world, they were amazingly detailed. They were cardboard animals all over the place next to shops and peeking out of plants. But there were also things that weren’t made from cardboard. They had a huge horse and a carriage that were made from narrow rods of metal. They were so detailed, and strong enough for the kids to climb on, we took a picture of everyone on the horse or in that carriage. The twins loved the train that took you all around the park so you could see all the exhibits during the ride, Yes, the train that you sat in was made of cardboard. I had my doubts about getting in it, but it was reinforced and safe. The girlies and their friends loved the pathway that was made out of the same narrow metal rods as the horse. You climbed upward through the path and it went around the park at the level of the tops of the shops. If you wanted to get down you could climb down the same way you entered or you could walk round the park to the slides and slide down to the ground again. There was so much to see and with the shops and the restaurant you could spend an entire there. If you have kids I would totally recommend it. 


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