Pop up water play – Taichung, Taiwan

Summer 2018

Back in Taichung, we found something that helps with the summer heat. Near the Mistugoshi mall (one of so very many malls in Taichung), a pop up water park popped up. This concept of attractions popping up was new to me and I wasn’t sure what to expect. It seems to be a concept that is common in Asia. Things pop up for a short time and then are over until the next season or (like the Peppa Pig playland) they move on with their equipment to a new city, either way something new usually pops up in its place. We showed up and found a large grassy area covered in two huge inflatable swimming pools about knee deep. One of the giant pools had a very high and steep (at least to me) inflatable water slide attached to it. We were there with friends which means about 10 kids. We went right at opening (of course), so we could have it all to ourselves and we did. The kids love the water slides and the giant inflatable ride on floaties. They had a covered place with chairs for parents and employees (who looked very bored until we showed up), who constantly monitored the kids. This is a common thing in Asia. Places that have people to watch your kids while the adults hang out just talking or on their phones. While I am definitely not a helicopter parent, I wanted to play in the water with friends too and this weirded out the employees. There was no age or weight limit on who could be in the pools so the employees (still weirded out) just went with it, very flexible people. This water area only lasted until the end of summer, but it was fun while it was there.


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