Bryce Canyon

We arrived at Bryce Canyon with no real knowledge of it or even being able to remember having seen any pictures of it. It was on our route and it was free (Every Kid in a Park) so in we went. You can’t really walk to any of the hikes, it is more of a … More Bryce Canyon

Horseshoe Bend

For the last few years, I have spent a lot of time sitting in our local orthodontic office. On one of these many visits, I picked up a book and it was titled “Natural formations around the world” or Natural wonders everyone should see” or something like that. As I was flipping through, I saw … More Horseshoe Bend

The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon was breathtaking; let me just start with that. It was well worth the time and energy of taking six kids, ages 2 to 16, across three states by myself. I was worried at first. Will someone get left at a gas station? Will someone fall into the canyon? Will one of my … More The Grand Canyon

The Passport Saga

The first official step on my journey to help my children become global citizens was obtaining passports. I am sure that if you need to get one only for yourself then the process is simple. Though, I know that there are myriad things that can go wrong with any given passport application, imagine multiplying that … More The Passport Saga


This is just a little interlude to explain the term wordschooling. Since most people haven’t ever heard this phrase it can cause confusion. It can mean many things, but the nub of the matter is that one who worldschools travels with their families so their children can experience different people and cultures. That can look … More Worldschooling

Miss (newly) 8

Having only known my husband as an adult, I cannot possibly say for certain what he was like as a child. Yet, when I look at my (newly) eight-year-old girlie I feel like I have a good idea. She is so focused, (mostly on video games). She speaksĀ so passionately and earnestly (mostly about video games). … More Miss (newly) 8