The best way for me to accurately describe Singapore is that it is as if the country of England opened an Asian branch. They were lots of extra vowels (storey, colour, honour), they drive on the left, everyone we encountered spoke English and they have Marks and Spencer. Oh and the rain. It was … More Singapore

Rainbow Village

We all had fun visiting Rainbow village, but none more than Mr. J. Rainbow Village in Taichung is all that remains of about 1200 homes that were painted by Huang Yung-Fu over many years. There is a gift shop where you can meet the artist. Most of us don’t speak Chinese, but we took a photo … More Rainbow Village

Colorful glass art

Miss Ws favorite part of our visit to the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts was the blown glass art. The museum had so many great exhibits, but this was her favorite. She spent so long examining it, picking favorites and taking pictures, (unfortunately, we don’t know the name of the artist because the info … More Colorful glass art

Tokyo Disneyland

Oh Tokyo Disneyland, how we miss you. I highly recommend going to Tokyo Disney in November. There was a little bit of a fall chill, and it was not crowded so wait times were way down. I didn’t really think the twins would care about being there, but they loved it. Some of the rides … More Tokyo Disneyland

Japan Lessons

We had so much fun in Tokyo and we learned a lot. Here are some random bullet points: ALWAYS double and triple check the flight times so as not to mix up AM and PM ALWAYS use the directions provided by your AirBnB host and do not think you are more capable than them at … More Japan Lessons