Japan Lessons

We had so much fun in Tokyo and we learned a lot. Here are some random bullet points: ALWAYS double and triple check the flight times so as not to mix up AM and PM ALWAYS use the directions provided by your AirBnB host and do not think you are more capable than them at … More Japan Lessons


You would think that with having no furniture and only having the luggage we brought that moving would be easy. Ha! The first apartment we stayed at in Taiwan (in Tainan) was for a duration of 3 weeks. We wanted to stay in a part of the country we were not familiar with. Tainan was … More Moving

One month down

As of September 7, 2017 we have been gone for one month. 3 countries. 5 cities. 3 airplanes. 2 trains. Innumerable taxis. Miles of walking. One. Whole. Month. Wow. It doesn’t feel like that long, yet so much has happened. Time moves so fast when everything is new and everyday you are learning the ins … More One month down


In the midst of all of our busyness and new experiences, we found out that Robert’s grandpa passed away. While it was not unexpected, it is still sad. He was such a kind man who was always loving to us.  I talked with the girlies and we compiled some memories they have of their great-grandpa … More Memories