Easter egg hunt!

When I sent my hubby out to hide Easter eggs I told him to make it a challenge, don’t go easy on them! He really took my instructions to heart, this was the most challenging egg hunt ever! They were having a meeting to discuss where more eggs could be. She was surprised how much … More Easter egg hunt!


  She is so serious, she is my deep thinker. She loves to take things apart and see how they work. She is smart and inquisitive and she loves to read. I can’t believe my tiny wide-eyed baby is six years old! Here is this year’s birthday interview: What are you going to be when … More 04/02/15

Dr Seuss Day!

We love to celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday on March 2nd. Every year we engage in things like making oobleck, eating green eggs and ham, watching his cartoons and, of course, reading his books (the favorite this year was What Was I Scared Of?)   Our new project this year was making a truffula tree forest! … More Dr Seuss Day!


This beautiful girl turned 7 years old! She is so mature and creative. She has 100 ideas about how to spend her day before I have even opened my eyes! She is loving and fun and has a contagious smile. Her upward energy and enthusiasm inspire me! Here is her 2014 birthday interview: What are … More 12/6/14