Gymnastics showcase day! Miss 4 and Miss 5 took Gymnastics this year for PE, They got to show off all the skills they acquired in Gymnastics this year. They were so proud of themselves.


Miss 4 had a collection of small toys that she wanted me to provide a container for, she asked me ti find one and I told her I thought she could solve this by herself. She went to the playroom, got the art supplies and made this, it was the perfect solution.


Science experiment day! We spent the day doing experiments and discussing why they work. The clear favorite of the day was the one involving Diet Coke and Mentos. We watched the Mythbusters episode discussing that experiment, and then went outside so the little ones could try it. They were amazed at how high the soda … More 05/23/13


This is an aerial shot of morning snack but without their coats. I love how deep in conversation they get, and the topics that come up are so cute and sometimes surprising. They are so grown-up and so little all at the same time.


Miss 4 loves to make her own books which will probably be featured here often. This one is a cookbook. The picture on the front is one of her favorite meals but she wouldn’t tell me which one. I love the kid writing and the backwards k’s.


When you have school outside sometimes you are gonna need your jacket! They look bundled as if it is winter, but in reality it’s just a slightly chilly morning. They are having a little snack after playtime and circle time. After this they will play some more, read, and probably paint.


Three grumpy girlies at bedtime. Everything is a struggle, everything takes 5 times longer than normal. Funny how passing out something as simple as flashlights, changes everyone’s focus and calms them down. I keep a stash just for this purpose. Today’s book:


Clothespin dolls! We couldn’t find the traditional clothespins but the girlies didn’t care. I laid out clothespins, fabric, scissors, glue, and various crating supplies and they went to work. They always love the planning and creating more than the finished product.