Miss 12 actually posing for the camera AND smiling. How did I luck into this moment? I have to take advantage of this, who knows when this will happen again.


When you have school outside sometimes you are gonna need your jacket! They look bundled as if it is winter, but in reality it’s just a slightly chilly morning. They are having a little snack after playtime and circle time. After this they will play some more, read, and probably paint.


This is Miss 12 and Miss 2 during a very casual point in our day (who am I kidding, most of our days are very casual). They are bouncing on an exercise ball. They look so happy in this photo, I love that they have so much fun playing together.


This was our second full day in Boston and we spent it at the Boston Children’s Museum and then we went to my hubby’s panel at the convention, we got to watch him (and his partner) talk about their game. The museum was soooo fun for the girls. Favorite exhibits: the Arthur exhibit, the construction … More 03/23/13


We were in Boston for a gaming convention so my hubby could show off his latest game. This is a shot of all the girlies checking out Dad’s booth. This was the only day we spent at the convention and the girlies saw a lot of new things!


I love gardening. I have not yet ventured outside to have a huge garden, but my indoor garden is thriving (with my little ones’ help). Miss 12 has now decided she wants to care for her very own plants and she bought her first today.


I called miss 12-year-old to discuss studies for the day and she walked in like this. Apparently she is now a pirate or someone else that would need to carry a sword at all times. I, for one, feel much safer.


Today was all about Valentine’s Day! One of the two days each year when we get to make and decorate sugar cookies. The process did not go as we had planned, but all of the girlies had fun and exercised their fine-motor skills. (Thank you Grandma Cindy for the recipe and cookie decorations!)


It’s game day! This is Pajaggle (she concentrates so hard on it). It’s a little addicting! There is also a version for the little ones and they love it.


It is so hard to catch her genuinely smiling. She is a happy girl and smiles a lot, but when I pull out the camera I don’t always catch it. This was a covert shot, but I think it captured her well.