In the midst of all of our busyness and new experiences, we found out that Robert’s grandpa passed away. While it was not unexpected, it is still sad. He was such a kind man who was always loving to us.  I talked with the girlies and we compiled some memories they have of their great-grandpa … More Memories

September 1, 2017

My girlies (and I) love Harry Potter so even in Asia we couldn’t let this day go by without any acknowledgement. If you are a fan, you understand the significance of the day, if not, all that really matters that we had a fun Harry Potter themed party. The Sorting: To begin our day, we … More September 1, 2017

The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon was breathtaking; let me just start with that. It was well worth the time and energy of taking six kids, ages 2 to 16, across three states by myself. I was worried at first. Will someone get left at a gas station? Will someone fall into the canyon? Will one of my … More The Grand Canyon

Miss (newly) 8

Having only known my husband as an adult, I cannot possibly say for certain what he was like as a child. Yet, when I look at my (newly) eight-year-old girlie I feel like I have a good idea. She is so focused, (mostly on video games). She speaks so passionately and earnestly (mostly about video games). … More Miss (newly) 8