Easter egg hunt!

When I sent my hubby out to hide Easter eggs I told him to make it a challenge, don’t go easy on them! He really took my instructions to heart, this was the most challenging egg hunt ever! They were having a meeting to discuss where more eggs could be. She was surprised how much … More Easter egg hunt!


  She is so serious, she is my deep thinker. She loves to take things apart and see how they work. She is smart and inquisitive and she loves to read. I can’t believe my tiny wide-eyed baby is six years old! Here is this year’s birthday interview: What are you going to be when … More 04/02/15


We had a very busy month, but I suppose every month is going to be chaotic with two babies. With school and Halloween activities the month just seemed to fly by! My goal is to get into the groove of taking pictures again so that when I start my new 365 project  in January it … More October!

07/14/13 – 07/20/13

Ahhhhh, who looooves me? 🙂 Summer reading program again, and the girlies were entranced by the animals. In the end they got to pet the python (Miss 2 would only pet it if her sister did too). This month we are studying China with the help of Little Passports. The girlies love the little souvenir … More 07/14/13 – 07/20/13