Miss (newly) 8

Having only known my husband as an adult, I cannot possibly say for certain what he was like as a child. Yet, when I look at my (newly) eight-year-old girlie I feel like I have a good idea. She is so focused, (mostly on video games). She speaks so passionately and earnestly (mostly about video games). … More Miss (newly) 8

Easter egg hunt!

When I sent my hubby out to hide Easter eggs I told him to make it a challenge, don’t go easy on them! He really took my instructions to heart, this was the most challenging egg hunt ever! They were having a meeting to discuss where more eggs could be. She was surprised how much … More Easter egg hunt!


  Okay so I know he looks annoyed here – he hates having his picture taken – but I love this pic of him and baby. I wanted his birthday to be easier but twins and girlies and game-making still demanded attention. Over the past year, life has changed so much for us and he has taken … More 11/25/14


They love for Daddy to read to them. Lately, I have been thinking of ways for him to be more involved in their education – teach Chinese, or math, or maybe take them on a field trip. For now, while work is hectic, he will stick to reading stories. Today’s book (courtesy of Daddy):


She is trying to feed her sleepy dad a fake hamburger. She says it’s delicious so she doesn’t understand why he’s not eating it.