We were discussing towns and neighborhoods and the girlies decided they wanted to make their own city. We spent most of the day on it. We discussed what we need in our city and then what we want in our city, then they went off to create and we put everything up on the wall. … More 1/10/12


My sweet girlie working intently on Pre-algebra. This is her Math face, should I be worried? 🙂 This isn’t documenting delight for her, but it is for me. It gives me such pleasure to watch her work and figure things out, she is so clever. (Merida is photobombing!)


Saturdays are the day in our house when the girlies can watch TV. They never let me forgot that this is our rule, but it never fails after a while they end up wandering away to one of the many activities in our learning time room (we call it the “Room of Requirement” because it … More 1/05/13